Situated 120 kms to the north of Jammu on the bank of “Devak” – a rivulet considered to be as sacred as the Ganges‐Sudh Mahadev is one of the most sacred Shrines of lord Shiva in the region. It has an exquisite Murti of Shiva and Parvati mounted on their Nandi bull and the huge Trishul of Lord Shiva preserved here. A big rural fair is held at Sudh Mahadev on the occasion of “Jyestha Poornima” the full moon day in June every year. Thousands of people from nearby villages of Doda District and Ramnagar Tehsil throng the place during that time.

The sacred Devak stream also originates at Sudh Mahadev and disappears among the rocks a few kilometers downstream. Also the place has "Papnashni Bowli” which is known to ward off the bad effects of wordly sins.

Apart from the religious importance, the Sudh Mahadev is the oldest established tourist spot. It is the oldest hill station of Jammu province, largely visited by people throughout the year. The main attraction of the place is the Mela. Panishwar Lord Shiva temple is the temple complex in Sudmahadev which is said to be constructed some, one thousand years ago.