CEO's Desk

Tourism /hospitality industry has now become one of the vital contributors to the economy of J & K. The industry has witnessing an immense growth in the past decade in terms of number of tourists and the contribution made by them to the J & K economy.

The field of tourist is quite vast in India as a visitors of tourists attractions, catering to different purpose of tourists, be it religious, be it heritage, be it leisure, be it business or even medical purpose. PDA with its glorious traditions, established in 1992 has been contributing to the field of tourism in J & K.

To meet the needs of demand of tourism and hospitality industry, new initiatives have been taken for making its best efforts towards the natural resources development of with the focus on tourism and hospitality sector .PDA being a best tourism sector in the area has already marked its attendance by organizing various curricular, extracurricular and extension activities and has been able to render best service to the tourism industry.