Dudu-Basantgarh/Latti falls in District Udhampur and is stretched from north to south-east in the District. Its boundaries in Easter side’ meets with District Doda (Bhaderwah and Marmat) on south-east side with Kathua District (Basoli-Billawar). The Sub Division is connected with the District Headquarters with two roads. From Ramnagar to Dudu 65 Kms. It is a fair weather road. From Triounglian to Basantgarh 10 Kms road is under construction and is expected to be open to vehicular traffic by the end of the current financial year. From Chenani a road via Sudhmahadev to Dudu has also been constructed. The road from Sudhmahadev measuring 53 Kms is also fear weather. Tourist places in these areas are: Helipad area: It is one end of the Basantgarh area located above Bus Stand and adjacent to Primary Health Centre. The beauty of this area is that whole of the Basantgarh and adjoining villages can be seen and captured standing at this point aparting from helicopter landing facility here. One can look at enchanting beauty of the area from this point and enjoy scenic blessings here.

Old Market: A walk through very old and traditional market of Basantgarh connected through old wooden bridge adds to its attractions. The shops carry all kinds of stuff required for day-to-day usage and some special local made handicraft and handloom items are also available here at reasonable prices.

Ancient Vasukinag Temple: It is a traditional, old temple located at one corner of Basantgarh and lots of mythical stories are attached to it. The local deities are worshipped here and lots of people from distant area come here to offer prayers and offer bhandaras after fulfilment of their wishes. The architecture and wood work in this temple are another area of attraction.

Chakka Maidan: This is a very unique but natural gift to Basantgarh. This area is about 2 kms trek through very dense forest cover and this beautiful small trek ends up in a beautiful ground with lots of Deodar trees and an ancient temple, ideally suitable for picnic and group tours where whole day can be spent playing, singing and relaxing in fresh breeze amongst trees and natural beauty.

Mang: This area is again located about 2-3 kms from Basantgarh and it is perfect for trekking and passing through hilly terrains where one can enjoy direct interface with nature and also enjoy cup of tea in kiosks located on the midway.

Khaned Plains: This area is located about 7-8 kms away from Basantgarh and one has trek and cross over from Mang and Punnara areas to reach here. But once you reach the plains on the river bedside of Khaned, you feel like staying here for at least a day to enjoy natural flow of water, small rocks and plain areas along with view of distant hill locks surrounding Khaned.