Sanasar is a destination spot developed around a small meadow with lake surrounded by pine forests. Sanasar is particularly famous for the wide range of sporting activities offered by the place.

Some of the most exciting and interesting sport events of Sanasar are paragliding and parasailing. Golf courses are also present in the region, and there are options aplenty for sightseeing. Sanasar is a satellite resort of Patnitop, with a cup‐shaped meadow surrounded by gigantic conifers ideal for nature walk paragliding and other adventure sports. At an altitude of 2,050 meters from MSL, it is one of the best hub for adventure sport activities in the Jammu region.

Since flow of pilgrims/tourists are increasing day by day to this circuit of tourist spot, to provide basic amenities is a challenge for this Authority. Immediate measures have to be taken up for comfortable visit viz-a-viz stay of visitors.